Invest Monthly in Various Communities for Hygiene Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and Anti-Microbial Resistance Awareness

Join The Gold Health Initiative in reaching out to more communities on the path to a better awareness when it comes to good water/sanitation hygiene, mental health and anti-microbial resistance monthly. Give today’s Children the opportunity generations before never had

The Gold Health Initiative is a special intervention

By donating, you are joining a community that is fostering increased longevity and all-round healthy lives through training, provision of infrastructure and enlightenment campaigns in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 3 (good health and well-being) and Goal 6 (clean water and sanitation)

Your DONATIONS is a source of hope for them.

Hundreds of children and people living in rural communities are being supported through the Gold Health Initiative. Your donations can drive initiatives like:


The Initiative promotes mental health awareness projects for individuals and runs workshops for Organizations on mental health first aid as their CSR activities.


The initiative educates and promotes good hygiene and sanitation. Also donating infrastructure towards these healthy practices. This will reduce infection spread, school absenteeism, the use of antibiotics, which can help eliminate drug resistance.

Why Your DONATION Matters

It fits your budget

Whatever you donate will be used to empower more children/parents/teachers in rural communities.

It Plans for the Future

Sustained donations will aid the Gold Health Initiative plan, expand and innovate its interventions.

It Gives You A Sense of Belonging

Your DONATIONS and commitment give you a sense of belonging through regular updates on the progress and impact of your DONATION.

With your support, WE can

It Gives The Gold Health Initiative Continuous Support to

  • Impact more children in our HAND WASH STATION project
  • Ability to impact more children in our KIT A CHILD PROJECT
  • Reach out to more children/teachers/parents with our HEALTH AND WELLNESS awareness program.


  • Quarterly Reports, Monitoring & Evaluation of programs you donated towards
  • Recognition of all DONORS on our page and other social media pages
  • Exclusive access to all Gold Health Initiative Programs, Events, and Projects